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We design, build and supply dry toilets and specialised grey water treatment systems for domestic and public applications
What are Dry toilets?

Dry toilets or dry sanitation systems(DSS) are toilet systems that use little or no water and generally rely on controlled natural processes to treat and stabilise urine and excreta.

These toilets are useful as an alternative to flush toilets, particularly in off-grid and sensitive sites

What are grey water(GW) reuse, treatment and discharge systems(RTDS)?

While dry toilets replace the need for a sewage connection or septic tank, grey water RTDS's treat the waste water from washing machines, showers and sinks. 

By combining dry toilets with GW RTDS's one can replace all the functions of the traditional ,polluting sewage system with an environmentally sound, cheaper to maintain  technology

Off-grid toilet installation and maintenance

We carry out all aspects of off-grid sanitation projects, from the right solution for our clients to design, construction and maintenance training. Our toilet building designs feature traditional techniques and the use of sustainable, locally sourced timbers.

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waterless toilet and grey water filter sales

We supply a range of products and kits for various applications using a range of technologies.

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